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Welcome to I-Care Virtual Clinic! When your child cannot get an in-person appointment with your doctor in a timely manner or when you cannot leave your home, I-Care Virtual Clinic is here for you! 

We provide Pediatric telehealth and/or house calls for a variety of pediatric illnesses and conditions for children ages 0 to 21 years old. 

What Types of Telehealth or Virtual Appointments Can I Make?

We recommend scheduling a virtual or telehealth appointment
for the following pediatric illnesses and conditions:

Ear Pain/
Ear Infections

Sinus Infection

Skin Rash

Insect Bites/Stings

Skin Infections




Pink Eye or a Stye

Minor Burns

Diaper Rash

Medication Refills

When Should I Call I-Care Virtual Clinic to Schedule a House Call?

We recommend calling to schedule a house call for the following pediatric illnesses and conditions:


Cold Symptoms

Flu-Like Symptoms

Sore Throat/
Strep Throat

Urinary Symptoms and more